Building Automation

Traditional HVAC equipment and thermostats operate individually, which requires manual updates and maintenance. This can present many problems in large buildings like hospitals, manufacturing companies, or even in office buildings. Traditional methods can create the possibility of uncomfortable heating/cooling situations for occupants and these stand-alone systems can also greatly increase the building’s energy consumption. Building Automation Systems (BAS), allow building owners to have a wider range of control over their HVAC operations. These systems allow for a single point of control for all HVAC equipment. Most importantly, BAS can be accessed from any remote location by the building owner as well as our technicians. This improves the response time to any potential HVAC issue, like an increasing humidity percentage in an operating room.

Whether it is installing a smart thermostat that you can operate from your phone, tablet or desktop, or a complete Building Automation System controlling multiple pieces of equipment located in different buildings, Advanced Building Controls can help. BAS can reduce overall life cycle costs and increase the efficiency of HVAC equipment.

We are licensed and certified in some of the world’s largest equipment and controls providers. Our experienced staff can help tailor a package to meet your specific needs.

Our Systems are currently being used in:
• Hospitals
• Surgical Centers
• Medical Offices
• Churches & Synagogues
• Schools
• Major Retail Chains
• Manufacturing Companies
• Office Buildings
• Multi-Unit Complexes